Thursday, 13 June 2013

Morning Sickness:

Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is an exciting time in women’s life. Many changes occur in the body during such short time of nine or ten months. It is busy time too with visits to gynecologist preparing for baby’s arrival. Dental visits  during pregnancy are often neglected / ignored. It is very important to maintain oral hygiene during  pregnancy since the hormonal imbalances may cause gum diseases and oral health may affect the health  of the baby in the womb. Vomiting due to Morning sickness is potential risk for dental health.  Morning sickness is one of the common experiences for most of the pregnant women. This is caused due  to change in the hormone levels which slow down the emptying of stomach. The high level of HCG  (Human Chronic Gonadotropin) in early period of pregnancy causes nausea and vomiting. The HCG  produces another hormone Progesterone which slows down the smooth muscle contractions; this is  required to prevent contraction of uterus and pushing out fetus early. The progesterone affects the  smooth muscle that pushes the food through oesophagus, stomach, and intestine and slows down the passing of the food. The oesophagus valve that prevents the pushing back of food contents in the stomach to oesophagus also weakens due to progesterone. The slow emptying of stomach, weakened  oesophagus valve and also contraction of the stomach by enlarging uterus have combined result of  gastric reflux and vomiting. Morning sickness is referred so since it is severe in the morning hours and lasts till noon. Some may have  it any part of the day. The morning sickness generally starts in the second month of missing the period (conceiving) and may last till 14th week of pregnancy. The stomach acids secreted for digestion of food come into mouth due to gastric reflux. These acids  affect the enamel of the teeth and cause erosion of the dentin. It is natural temptation to brush teeth after  vomiting. This is much more hazardous since brushing will further spread the acid on the enamel and  cause more damage/ erosion and tooth decay. The risk of tooth decay due to morning sickness is better avoided following the few guidelines below Do not brush your teeth immediately after vomiting. Strong acids from the stomach will soften the enamel and vigorous brushing will scrape the enamel on the teeth and cause erosion.  Rinse your mouth with plain water immediately after vomiting so that the acids will not stay longer  on the enamel of teeth. Use of fluoridated water or a mouth rinse (add a teaspoon of baking soda  to a cup of water) will be helpful in removing acids and neutralize them.  Apply a little bit of fluoridated toothpaste on your teeth with finger and rinse out with water. This would relieve you from that bad taste in the mouth and neutralize the acids.  Wait at least half hour after the vomiting before brushing the teeth, preferably with soft bristles so that enamel is protected. Visit the dental clinic apart from obstetrician to have better advice on the dental care you have to take during pregnancy. The orthodontists at Dentist and Dontist Dental clinic are trained and well experienced to make the pregnant woman comfortable in the dental chair in the pleasant ambience of the Clinic and  offer help for oral hygiene during pregnancy.


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